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First post with icons!

I think the neutral_zone was the first icon community I had ever entered in, WAY back while I was still in school. Well, it's the second time it's the first contest I'm in :-D I had two entries in week 193.


I'm very proud of Artist's Soul. It was my first icon that I started from cropping and went all the way through since school. And I'm happy to say that while neither icon placed, Artist's Soul did win Mod's Choice! :-D

And now, I can also put it into my own icon rotation ;-) (I've been looking forward to that all week!)

Also of note, with Mod's Choice, my rank is now Petty Officer aboard the USS Icon. Once I start really placing, THEN I earn points to move up the ranks. I'll keep my tally running through here too. And my rank insignia ;-)

And then I made some icons for a friend of mine. I've got permission to post them here if anyone ever stumbles here and ALSO writes Torchwood Fanfic ;-)


Hmmm, I should make/find a table to put icons in eventually...


These are the icontests I currently watch, follow and will hopefully start participating in again.


Disney and Episodic 100's will be tried out when I have hours on end for making icons. I just can't guarentee that I'm going to have the time for making 10+ icons a week to stay on schedule for those.

fireflicons is rather on hiatus. I'm a big Firefly fan, and started with this comm when it was young. So I refuse to let go of it ;-) Which is cool 'cause that means that I just found out about firefly_rumble! So I'm going to try to do my best in that challenge. :-)

The neutral_zone and voy_stillness are two communities where I can have my fill of Star Trek, with Voyager in particular, and eat it too :-)

The three contests I plan on actually playing in are all played anonamously. Therefore, the icons from these contests will be posed on a weekly basis definitely after voting has closed, probably even after winners are announced, and possibly after any banners are awarded if I'm lucky enough to actually place in anything ;-) I've been out of icon making for probably pretty close to 3 years now. We'll see how rusty my skills are :-)



Welcome to Crrrrrrrrrrrazy Colors!!!!

I love icons. I love collecting icons, I love using icons, I love making icons (when I have time...) I want to get back into making icons. So I follow a few challenge communities, and I'm even up for a few of the challenges myself! Here is where they will all go. You're welcome to take them. Here are the rules:

1. No hot linking.
2. Please credit.
3. If you add text, or change something, please credit me as the base creator.
4. Comment if the fancy strikes you. I make these because they amuse me but if you'd like to see more of something in particular, feel free to let me know :-) (And, well, I love getting comments... Please comment? Pretty please???)
5. I keep all originals. If there's something you'd like changed, feel free to ask :-)

On to my first disney100 challenge!



Crazy Colors!

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