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Crazy Colors!

Wild blazes of color!

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acwmaiden's icons, icons sets, icontest entries. ICONS!
I want to make icons! Lots of icons! And I don't want to put them on my regular journal found at acwmaiden.

1. No hot linking.
2. Please credit.
3. If you add text, or change something, please credit me as the base creator. (and please feel free to change things :-) )
4. Comment if the fancy strikes you. I make these because they amuse me but if you'd like to see more of something in particular, feel free to let me know :-) (And I love comments! Please comment :-D )
5. I keep all originals. If there's something you'd like changed, feel free to ask :-)

ch_photoshopped - Textures
charlieandi - Textures
creamuts/mutsie_brushes - Brushes
dtissagirl - Brushes
fearher - Brushes
gegenschein - Brushes
shoegal_icons - Brushes, Textures and Font collections
hermintage - Brushes
tiger_tutorials/fluidic_icons - Textures and tutorials full of ideas
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